Access to basic health care and having good hygiene is very important. A lot of people do not have this access or knowledge of these medical supplies and hygienic products. The goal is to supply and educate people on how to use the basic medical supplies and hygiene products that could help save lives.


The goal of this online platform is to represent various ways in which African and non-African medical professionals are engaging in various health projects and experiences in reference to improving healthcare education, awareness and intervention in resource-deprived regions in Africa. The translation and reciprocal exchange of knowledge via this avenue will enable us all to learn and share our skill sets and expertise in order to truly provide a better tomorrow with hope from today.


Education is one of the most powerful tools and can easily be used to change the world. When children are being provided with the correct tools, it helps to unleash their potentials. Educational tools such as school supplies: notebooks, writing utensils, uniforms will be provided for the children. 

HFUC is partnering with Honor Children Mission in the Winter of 2017 in a back to school drive and will be providing backpacks and school supplies to about 600 children spread out through 6 cities in country of Nigeria, Africa.



Child Not Bride Campaign

Child Marriages occur across the world and is a real problem. A lot of time the motive a parent has to force their child into a marriage at such a young age is monetary.Many children, as a result, are abused and raped. The things that these young girls and boys go through is unimaginable. Marriage before the age of 18 is a violation of a fundamental human right. We need to remember that the life of a child is worth more than one can even imagine. Join us to end the cycle of child marriages.

#ChildNotBride #HFUCharity. 

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