Our Story

 The Hope For Us Charity is non-profit organization based in Texas with the goal of aiming to help the roots of Africa, the children, with a program called HESI, this stands for Healthcare, Education, SUSTAINABILITY and Injustices. It was started by Omolola Adegoke back in 2011 while still a sophomore in High School,  and it was inspired by a touching experience she had one year. After talking to her cousins from Nigeria, she realized how over-privileged countries, like the United States, are not as grateful as they should be. She felt she was obligated to help what she calls “my people” back home, and all over Africa that do not have the same opportunity as her. She decided to do something about the way life is in Africa by taking the initiative of starting her Charity. She decided the name of the charity needed to show there was still hope in the world. The “hope for us” in the name means there is still hope for the world. We have seen many situations in which people were treated unfairly and were not given an opportunity to have an education or access to health care. We see this happening in our communities in Africa all the time. While most people tend to ignore situations and challenges where someone does not have the opportunity, we took proactive action with  “The Hope for Us Charity.” The purpose of the charity is to start with the basic problems in African communities. As privileged Africans ourselves, we feel it is our obligation to try and make the African community better, or even as humans, to respond and try to make the world better.

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